Myth from mystical region.

Evolving as individuals and communities,

Human imagination and power of perception evolves,

Experience and learning of individual and societies do not follow linear path,

A phase comes of upward movement and of downwards too

Eternal truth conveyed through myth,parable,allegory and metaphor,

But old outdated model do not always invigorate,

Myths comes from mystical region of experience,and some sane lunatic gets that enlightenment

Myths are real time finite /dodgy experience and imagination of hubris and nothing will fall into place apart from grave,

Even those future truths that are not yet fully and palpable manifest in current flow of thing may just be old rubbish in new canister,that what is happening always,

Myths are evolving horror supported. by self proclaimed inheritor of happiness, perception and imagination,

Myth interpreted as biography, history and science and glean truth from rotten garbage,

Cold hard facts and imposing inflexibility on them serve purposes of their inheritance,

Reductionism bodes well in the laboratory born from 19th century and kills creative immigration of millions of year.

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