It isn’t burnout, it isn’t depression,

Just joyless and aimless,


Stagnation and emptiness

Piercing through foggy windshield,

From low to flourishing,

Pondering peak of well being,

To be out from valley of despondency,drained, worthless, ill-being ,

Getting a sense of meaninglessness,

Void between low and flourishing and just languishing,

Functioning at low capacity ,no much focus or motivation

Elusive flow of absorption in toxicity where sense of time , place and self melts away,

As if need to transport into a story that catapult into flow ,any trick that work ,playing bending words or binge pondering or watching in deep depth of blackness,

All seardh for new challenge s is no more meaningful work and any enjoyable experience,

Focus on focusing what to find flow ,when all channel choked,

Sense of progress fails to instill joy and progress,

Searching solace in experience s that capture full attention,

Start with small wins ,when big wins can’t console , no challenge stretches skills and heightens resolve,

Rediscovering some of the energy and enthusiasm that got lost ,

Carve out daily time for interesting projects, conversation,

Searching clearest path to flow is flowing .

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