The End Of Innocence.

Innocence is a virtue of distinct quality,inherent and mingled with ones self imbued with theme of static time,neither past ,nor future .

It allows things to prevail as they are prevailing and allows things to be dominated by the one who are or had been dominating scene.Consequences are not in picture and stillness is ideally perfect as if burden to prevail in ones life somehow without taking any decision and neither in any way disturbing his provenance ,who am i to disturb the flow of being and happening .

Innocence prevails till all devils lies in their home feeling satisfied with current state and waiting for better opportunities and waiting for a spark to ignite and burn that innocence ,which was prevailing without any base in that domain and later or sooner other domains intercede to prevail there with their heightened state of experienced historical reality ,which hs largely prevailed in human history.

Innocence abruptly ends as soon as the reality starts to prevail,it is virtue of time ,of people,of societies that they long ignore eventualities and enjoy time in innocence without timely taking action to prevent ongoing or coming disasters.,they as if take it for granted and direly believe in destiny.

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