Equality perspective.

Equality perspective.

In present era ,there is great awakening about human rights and equal opportunities for all ,many countries have enacted laws and their judiciary are empowered to ensure that right to equality is enforced/implemented in proper spirit.

Yet things are not so easy and fraught with inherent bias and in name of ensuring equality more inequality is created.

Human are not born equal by birth,some are born in rich family ,some born in poor family,some with good/bad parents,some with physical/mental deformities.And progressive state s claiming to balance them appears vague in many senses.

Even other areas which are not marred by birth etc atleast there equality could be ensured but it is not so in most countries claiming so ,the law is created in favor of privileges one ,either by chance or luck/manipulations and it cant be rectified ,to have better preview of point lets take an example -we may consider our countries gross domestic product as rs 1 and then see where it is spent ,who is gaining fairly and unfairly to see equality in reality.

In many countries govt employees are granted huge pay and periodical revision in pay by dearness allowance,increment,pay commission etc and also get fifty percent salary as pension on retirement,to understand with example -may be more so in developing countries a clerk salary in govt and small/medium concern varies 5 to 10 times ,but same is justified on pretext that state should be ideal employer ,further employee unity perpetuate it but it cant be termed as equlity at expense of common people.

Further today in so called democratic/liberalised world benefits are availed by their bargaining power,their unity,their liaison,their presentation and nuisance value.which hardly promote equality at all ,the powerful sectors of society gets lion share of resources .

Further modern progressive laws protect right once acquired and other people at present may be denied those benefits arguing that it is not feasible and it is your decision or lack of vision that why you not afforded that offer at right time,small buying offers may not matter but many offers lost and now not available may make abnormal decision in quality of life and causing drastic inequality.

In many developing countries great inequality is being created by law enforcing authorities/courts etc,court cases decisions are not prompt and it take 20-30 years to settle,such abnormal delay ruins ones life and abject inequality created.

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