Naivety Of Era.

It struck with ferocity,

with all its ferocity,

and , one by one,

all assumptions proved futile,

And at last,

the whole edifice ,

stood without any foundation,

naivety of era,

gradually replaced by whimsical arrogance,

earlier infantile structures were replaced,

infantilism was nurtured,in vogue for long,

cant bear squarely facing challenges,

pushing boundaries for tolerance,

yet how to bell the cat,

but they had no conpunction,

bent on laying down,

new terms of engagements,

containing the prevailing malevolence,

larger structural imperatives looming,

but wave and wave of,

intense corrosive consensus,

some bandwagoning with adversaries,

reducing the negative externalities,

generated by inefficiencies of order,

seeking rightful role in comity of idea,

unlike in past,

reconcile in un ambiguous terms.

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