The bay of disturbed state of being.

Time constantly slipping/fliting,

all twigs and leaves withered,

trunk of tree yet ticking,

still aspiring to gain again that heydays,

The storm that formed in ..

bay of disturbed state of being,

this time,it was more severe,

it shook the very existence,

So many storms passed earlier,

Yet The bay of disturbed state of being ..

was not shaken so badly,

as if reins were not totally lost,

The impediments settled in basin gradually…

making healing/calming state restoration tough,

the undercurrent ticking regularly in high altar,

All commands got loosened/voltile,

Load increased with constant hammering,

with tougher moving in slime,

The reins get looseed,

And now moving waywardly without direction,

deeper and deeper into sludge of irrelevance.

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