Drifting Continuously.

Drifting continuously,

recovering to touch low again,

And with a big hurt,

All gets derailed,

And loose all command of consciousnesses,

and start drifting unconsciously,

where going becomes hell,

Responding to stimuli gets blurred,

All self worth erodes,

And all pervasive gloom,

with growling in pain,

whirpool of guilt,shame,

Actions fell into abyss,

Reactions cannot be attempted,

Hitting the bottom,

with newer bottoms emerging,

as battle gives no respite,

its war continuously,

inside and outside,

And more disastrous war added by,

created by own monstors,

where lies respite,

no where in sight,

It may take its pound of flesh,

cause many dents and marks,

even slight of complete destruction,

as final destruction bit away,

But all next steps turning,

heavier and heavier.

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