Slipping into fantasy.

One of the big distraction many faces is lacking in ability to remain somewhat static to events and obscured thought pattern which has high disposition to slip into fantasy again and again.AS if totally lacking power to concentrate and draw any meaningful conclusion

As such people lack ability to display any self image and they react to day to day interactions with quite naive way and cant show any meaningful ability to make any contact and establish interpersonal bonding ,that way they increases their hardships by only striving to somehow pull up long tedious day to anyhow conclude and that drudgery goes on again and again repeatedly.

Further things are compounded to degenerate by internal thought process ,which habitually only revolve around battles fought of passing day and events are viewed with some extra terrestrial support or happening,thereby not forming constructive thought to better handle self by each passing day and gain that desired individuality.

The devious plots around cant be comprehended at all and ones tendency to view events post happening with again and again as notions/fantasies cherished.

Being positive and being prone to fantasies are quite different aspects ,it is inability to view events in reality and their consequences and the most gullible people falls under these categories and they in longer run deplore their life,as they hardly lived ives as one consciously feel better for self to live and try to gain traction in that direction ,but person with this ailment cant venture to find out self and nourishing self.

It may tantamount to living in imaginary fantasy and slipping again and again in that mess which limits ones ability to see harsher side and patterns,which such person dont at all want to visualize as if living in self created idolized world and getting beyond its boundaries is not feasible at all and it becomes a sort of addiction/limitation etc.

How such state forms is difficult to exactly decipher but being grown without much support around and no much caring added with complex circumstances ,one limits to a vicious thought process,however everyone s thought process is there but generally ones thought process should be such to identify and evoke reaction towards those who had caused real,implicitly or sarcasm to you or to form opinion about surroundings people etc in sense that whether one should react,take action to mold their advancements/opinion/misdemeanors.

It could best be understood by example in history .There was a king quite nice living in its height of fantasy,was attached by foreign raider again and again up to 16 times ,that invader caught 2-3 times but sought apology and appealed to captors dharma beliefs etc and he was left free,other times invader was pushed back ,but was not pursued further to trap him and arrest him and seventeenth time invader won battle and killed that fantasied king of his fantasy but also cusing enormous loss/suffering to its people.

Slipping into fantasy again and again could be broadly have patterns like one who out its cultural beliefs rules out advancements and prefer existing in mold that is prevalent for long and other one are different cases of pervasive weakness caused since childhood by adverse circumstances, willful neglect etc,that has not allowed one to gain that very independence in life which makes the life as it happens flows/lived but one become captive in some fantasies and invoke its consequences which appears quite frustrating on many counts because of not seeing and understanding the reality of this world.


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