Enemy number 2.

The primary source of discontent are usually ignored and not much is dwelled upon them and force of attention is shifted to easy targets ,which are easily best alternatives to sway attention of masses and get them perfectly engaged.

  The hunger for revenge rises,bad circumstances which one could not cherish at all but have no mean to change them and revolting against main culprit may not be easy option as it can worsen ones state of existence ,then best alternative appears to search soft targets so that satisfaction to some extent could be derived and burning cinders could be calmed to great degree.

The circumstances/environment/misery was not caused by Enemy number 2 and their descending order of accomplices ,yet to deflect  issues and raise ones moral standing  other enemies are created to despise/torment to generate that satisfaction which is utterly needed.

Now if we divert our attention to view this phenomenon in family life/nations life/organisation life,then picture may emerge as somewhat visualized here.

There was a family of father,mother and three children,what happened in genesis could be that father was involved in many affairs ,mother was rusty illiterate and their elder son somehow to fault of great care developed poor eye vision ,now the middle child most aggressive and of typical mentality as happens in generally many families hated circumstances/environment  and want to fix father but what to do ,nothing works much then he start fixing elder brother that who is hardly having any animosity

to him but considerations of consideration was needed to create a bogie to hit/reprimand/scold and demean to derive all sarcastic pleasures and create much needed cover up on his own wistful longings and to generate solace,joy and some comfort in life.,which was vehemently lacking  same to derive from secondary enemies without regard to their predicament.

Now when we ponder the political scenario of different countries and cross border tensions then we find that politicians/leaders of various countries find that to address primary issues is very complex and may evoke repercussions so they invent other targets which could grab the attention of public and thereby ensuring safety of ruling class.







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