reached a plateau in life,

where neither anything,

downwards or upwards,

no more exists,

A listless state,

and wonders at other ends,

musing about/pursuing all those,

earthy charms,

which now no more occupy,

occupations are gone,

the thrill of turning events,

burden of cleaning the desk,

weak and faint,

from both fatigue and its illness,

a fatigue of not doing much,

a vacuum of nothing to execute,

resources are defined,

No more pouring sources,

nobody betting/stakes at my skills,

when one self not sure,

no more linked to any organisation/institution or …

languid,spiritless and indifferent,

spirits of all animal vanished,

and neither spirits of angel descended,

left with only that confused spirits,

devoid of its luster,

without stretching meanings,

from permeating spirits,

that enchant humans,












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