All the faculties lost.

All the faculties lost,

in the maze of indifference,

that s surrounding,it was different earlier,

now the difference is apparent,

that s listlessness,it no more belongs to me,

once it used to reciprocate,

and the callings resonated,

as if flower,leaves,tree and ambiance all were in chorus,

a rhythm full of love and jest,

full of motions and emotions,

solace,zooming and sometimes parting,dullness,sadness,

All was a great cacophony ,

but as if much now has changed,

the passing is passe,

yet things moves,

and arouses no longings,

surroundings turns barren,all color gone,

what has lost,

all has lost,

that balance.harmony,

different internally,different changed contemporary living creatures,

as if everything engulfed with strangeness ,aloofness.






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