Seeds of culture.

Culture is although huge important aspect in the success of an organisation yet at the start of an organisation it is not much delved upon , reason to this can we attributed to more pressing issues of that time i. e like arranging finances ,finding project ,/products, technology and obtaining all clearances.

Once an organisation is founded and its objectives and initial approvals ,financial means ,founders/promoters assembles then they start recruiting employees to perform various task, needed to achieve organisations goals.

The seeds of formation of culture in organisation starts with its formation ,with the vision, maturity and ethics of its founders /promoters ,thereafter role of HR comes into play, it’s policies for recruiting the staff and their emphasis on skills, technical as well as soft /social skills leads to recruiting particular type of employees with particular mind set.

Thereafter when an organisation start functioning/operationalize its various departments/ branches and core management and starts monitoring/controlling and implementing basic objectives to fulfill obligations towards its stakeholders. At this stage it becomes crucial for management of organisation to establish cohesion in the working of all segments of the organisation so that in/ goals could be achieved.

At this stage the managers /leaders of the organisations role becomes most significant and the culture/ ethics that is nourished by them /propagated by their advert ant or inadvertent actions plays vital role in determining the interpersonal relations within organisation and customers and the crucial spirit within organization to collectively strive to achieve success in its mission and helps in deriving meaning in work.

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