Disparate Effulgence.

The disparate desperation of spirits,

wandering in labyrinth of black hole,

to that other end of,

effulgence of harvest moon,

the far cries of disparate destitute s,

preying to suck that all gleaming,

that creation ,experiencing wonders,

the change may appear slow,but penetrate swiftly,

the track has changed,

the directions changed,

putting first things first,

heat starts melting/withering ,

in gradual somber prevalence,

towards some sublime prevalence,

that mirage of effulgence,

that sweeps in entirety,

may capture and captivate,

to take in hold for residual epoch,

that who sets lit from within,

residual may turn whole,

technologies proliferated ,to extinguish,

all material lit within or outside,

invention with massive creating power,

combined of human and machine,

multiplying with layers of complexities,

impediments that impede,

from this era to that era of far earlier.


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