A situation in which opposing forces within a system exerts their activeness with visible or else motivation to impact the system.

In organisational context having contradictory opinion /aspects is normally healthy until they metamorphose into contradictory tendencies leading to creation of separate poles.

Many view that opposing forces within a system pull at each other to keep things balanced,but same may not be always so. As opposing forces may not be commensurately aligned with their might and utility to allow fair consensus to emerge,and rather forces which can establish their traction by any/multiple means starts to tilt balance in its favor and tampering that balance which is required by organisation to the best interest of all stakeholders.

As business world gets more volatile,uncertain,complex and ambiguous  VUCA ,and choices/decisions gets complicated with changing times.

Opposing parties promotes conflicting goals by generating  by resorting to contradictory messages and competing perspectives derailing consequently great organisational performance,there is  natural tension between two poles unless it is single direction with differences in ways/means to trudge the path and achieve goals.

The traditional either/or approach hardly useful in managing dynamic tensions in a complex world as leaning to a pole depend on deeply held values,beliefs,assumptions early conditioning,temperament etc ,but with technological advancement whimsical approach losing their luster enabling to see large picture at all ends of pole and value all perspective.

With globalization the world is integrating fast in understandings,communication ,and better perspective of others concerns ,as pure poles being gradually being replaced by result oriented approach ,with grounds becoming more visible and cut throat competitions providing lesser time to indulge in luxuries of polarities.

The polarity is quite distressing paradox in present era of seamless business with lightening speed,proving all fruits of productivity and efficiency and therefore as if SOLELY the balance between evidence and lyricism can allow us to achieve simultaneously emotions and lucidity.





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