Questions need to be buried.

There was a man,albeit normal ,having all usual human tendencies but had a slight variant tendency to other beings.
Usually all humans seldom get immersed in mysteries of world and feel doubts about utility/tendencies in many areas,but as such feeling comes and with lasting for short duration,all become usual and hardly  leaving any traces.
But there was a man who had questions about everything,and hardly in true sense could get immerse in daily chores with natural instincts,cant understand ,get convince with any logic of life,it was not that taste buds were out of place but no taste could satisfy for its usual duration.
As if whole crux of problem lies in meaning of different forms of being and different tendencies,which with added knowledge of science to him getting totally redundant.
As if science rather of providing answers/logic had made whole structures uniform devoid of individuality and as if all sort of structures could be got merged in one,adding to losing all remaining charm of life .
Therefore to solve that person trouble and enable him to enjoy tiny joy of life,as if all questions need to be buried and logic be used and explained to certify beauty of being and life.

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