Sky is too small limit.

What a vast sky is ,with no defined contours and it is all around planet,star, living being etc.It is sort of unending dimension to existence without any limit to expansion and regular stretching ,no beginning on end,,no starting no end ,all tiny creatures in its ambit collide,burst,shine and run out of energy to get in rust ,lose existence.

Human imagination has no limit further human

pondering,calculation,survival instinct,pleasure instinct have no boundaries.

Only some common interest and some system that serve common interest for some commons are only real and supreme.Factor of satisfaction lies nowhere and its only that human survival is to a  large extent mutually dependable therefore some sort of regulations are adhered and the losses in indulging skirmishes too large extent restore order and adventure are usually done in guise of of some pretext and in garb of larger interest.

Authorities are source of bonding to some order but when they turn weak or human ingenuity shallows it ,consequences could be of wide magnitude.

As if connection was hardly there and only bonding of pleasure,maximizing  ,be in garb of theory,doctrine or else was supreme.Some defined life but to ordinary one it is all about satisfaction/happiness,which is quite elusive,Turn in history raises hope or despair but untoward dimensions are hardly known and creature limit of blending happiness in beautiful world could be to what extent nobody knows,as if real beauty is mired in surrounding astonishment.


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