That foggy light house of fate.

Said to be capable of self learning through

experiences etc

Yet small shreds of emotions flying free

pleading for capture

Hardly be doused by a theory

to which prefer to stick

despite knowing other theories

once bitten getting out balance

once bitten gaining arrogance

striving to turn unpleasant to pleasant

Becoming companion of self

that learn from repeated interactions

programmed to be different at different times

Yet one return to cipher again and again

Unable to deter bubbles

And reacts to basic chemistry between two and many

It is two that indulges ,both strike beam of

pitch black-pitch dark

So silence +darkness+calm+tranquility

and that mist pervading into

deep layers of all

attached and detached volcano

As if somewhere invented new bots

 programmed to kindle love

And to cherish forever.








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