Votive candles flickering in various alcoves.

Time is stick to its base,its habituality  to habit ,sticking burning the base ,yet invisible and not pronounced.

One endeavouring/ relishing great hurry in pushing ahead of phases/phrases being lost in maze of strident certainty of nothingness,only recourse to some fulfilment remains in/lie in decisively moving ahead to any noticeable extent ,leaving behind a trail of that great phase of captivity ,which as if now appearing to melt  and calling for serendipity to change the course .

Pouring of souls from different directions to offer those candles in alcoves to mark the gratitude for change and moving ahead ,that’s more relevant ,as what gained is individual assessment of relief .more material being buried consequences.

As shards of voice fleeting in all surrounding and filling the void to enchant the ears which comes to its contact and connected to it,so these candles under the protective arms of their alcoves tending to flicker gloriously devoid of that mad tugging of directionless swirling dumps of damp sentiments of sentient being.

Desires though being intangible melts as if like all tangible being ,of course in its course with time on turning of a phase physically or fainted to that extent . All faints however hard /persevere may be, its penetrating air finds or dug the gaps in all impenetrable structures ,despite being hardened by its creator/nourish er/  consumer.

The different alcoves around bows to the center of that mighty time ,which heals or put dumps so much heap that everything gets buried in it.,and,when something at last attached with all its radiation in individual entity to prick that individuals also dies and candles flicker gloriously with their triumphant chant of triumph.A great one indeed.

Candles with indomitable being to flicker tends to even flicker in somewhat wilderness which might not appear so to others ,yet in cohesion all flickering candles in different alcoves saluting to the core of that premise which centers all centrifugal forces to bow necessarily as the wheel has churned its pivot.

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