Constant Discomfort.

To do agile,become agile

Utopia has lost meaning

leaving no problem to solve

therefore no opportunities either

as if utopia never works

human stretching boundaries

vertically and horizontally

universal virtual presence

widening small container/trough

that holds identity

Magnifying with enhanced internal impulses

astride on external /electric impulses

They say neither utopia nor

dystonia works

And to get a perfect status quo

A process of little improvement to go on

Let chaos to persist

inventing newer things

arousing newer longing

They say discontent is trigger for-

ingenuity and growth

They say disconnect stretches space,

reduce congestion

So start growing more complex

Build a bigger innerĀ  self

So complexities feels simpler

These tools produce gloriously

stroking passion ceaselessly

leaving for sentient being

adding for sentient being

Constant Discomfort.












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