Navel Gazing.

When the adjustment with surrounding vitiates and incursion to outer fields catches more burnt then one focuses to ones navel to immerse in its gazing.Being indulgent in petty incidents and remaining drowned in them agog with self contemplation etc at expense of wider reality.
Immerse in contemplation about happening around self and  ones proclivities causes self to become inward oriented which finds hard to react to outer stimuli .
Gazing navel in pursuit of finding some hugot s i.e drawing/stretching emotions from deep somewhere ,pulling out anchors of calm and poise that can stick to ones self to prevail with better aura of inner comfort .
With thoughts jousting to take control of mind at expense of body and its soul ,intervention required to calm inner battles to get engaged in better pursuit of other contemplation’s.
How and why one become prone to naval gazing is quite complex but it add to already prevailing isolation to get deeper,therefore reality should be allowed to cast its rays in darkness of contemplation in particular directions,themes ,issues and better/other perspective be added and ones routine needs to change ,like more reading,travelling and observing beyond selected sphere.
It let to flustering with various  interludes and getting involve in doodling vague ideas without much concrete base,and as if a better realistic thrust be allowed to enter in dark alleys of confusions ,all contemplation’s as if needs break and full stop to allow one to prevail in horizons in different corners.
Too much concern for appropriateness by delving in naval gazing may leads in delaying and dithering actions ,without setting purpose and direction journeying on paths available to one with continuous  evaluating can lead to somewhere,rather than being too self indulgent in finding righteousness within different corners of self ,it evolve in reality with focus on developments and reality around.

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