How to understand reality.

Really what is underlying themes and dimensions are not that easy to decipher and it may never hardly be understood to be acted upon.All words and phrases are vibrant in surrounding,yet to realize  something deeply to shape them as ones guidelines happens not with ease.

First of all we need to ponder what is reality- my notions and feeling are reality based on own logic ,then that is a part reality inside me and larger reality is that what lies in ones surroundings.

 In particularly at developing nations system works with its inertia and inducement with adoring bureaucrats as lords perform quite well  ,but one who cant understand these facts due to his inherent personality traits suffers hugely ,transfer/posting/promotion/rewards all become illusive for such person ,that to say he cant understood reality.

As said in some quotes that life is nothing much more than obsessions/whims and whole life goes away without freeing oneself from their clutches, For example- one who reacts cautiously gain advantages in professional as well as family life ,it is not intentions but your tone/tenor of reaction that matters ,one has most wonderful intention for his family but due to ones inability to understand most i .e controlling reaction  face much losses in relationship,whereas another guy  with much lessor sacred intentions behave most elegantly is able to sail on numerous lagoons.


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