The future of work.

With growing automation jobs are decreasing ,and apprehensions are running deep about running out of work,causing mass unemployment and its resultant consequences.

Yet fact remains that productivity may rise significantly and their gains /redistribution of income in some form or other may follow to more than compensate many job losses.First upgrading ones skills may become immediate task for many to survive in their present job ,so that they can learn to work with smart  machines .

Gain in productivity may lead to higher gross domestic products ,thereby rising wealth ,but govt cant attempt by collecting more taxes and just distributing to ordinary ones ,as human need work to ,and to be gainfully employed. As idle human WITH MONEY in hand may turn into monster and cause great social disturbances ,therefore newer form of jobs needs to be generated to keep humanity busy along with distribution of wealth.


Productivity may lead to more wealth and with rising consumer income ,more demand of cars,home,entertainment etc may propel many sectors to create new jobs,yet it need to ensure that rising income is not concentrated in few hands and spread out in ordinary hands.

Many necessity after time turn into commodity but with rising incomes ,these commodities would find way to  become valuable again by fast changing innovative Fashions ,which may enhance consumption of clothing many fold with exquisite boutique .

With world wide and growing prosperity may generate many writers and demand for content may go up,further people may spend much to enhance their social presence,it may lead to newer jobs for S E O ,digital marketers,lead generators,writers ,publishers , trainers,as such social media may provide newer job opportunities.

Rising incomes may lead women to shed their unpaid domestic work and experience multiple avenues ,this will lead to generating work for many others.

Millions of people may be forced to change work,that may generate huge demand for consultants,H R people ,with rising incomes.

With growing old age population healthcare may be a huge growth sector,further human quest for health and long life may add fuel to generate newer jobs.Travel entertainment,restaurants may invent newer form of products to satiate wealthy humans and generate more jobs.

Changing climate may necessitate creating mass closure ,relocation and to build huge new infrastructure to shift population/industry.Newer clean environment technologies may be rising sector and job creates.

Apart from above mentioned new era job creators ,many more vistas of employment may be in coming to provide newer and newer jobs.

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