Finding remedy not obsessing fault.

Fault and default appears to be cornerstone of this existence,and it could hardly be thought of  civilization in which understanding is so perfect that faults are not needed to be conjured upon along with  a grievance mechanism that cures it to its roots.

Remedies are not always perfect ,that can turn a situation that fulfills ones desire/whim,rather remedies are invented according to practical consideration of situation to defuse flare up and to gain opportunity /vision to view situation in its reality.

TO A EXTENT IT IS ALSO LIKE ,knowing and accepting reality,because usually it is beyond individual domain to move such mammoth walls,take a case of blogging which many venture aspiring to gaining traction with a community and developing/exploring self to become relevant in life.

Yet its not easy for ordinary blogger ,who do not have backing of big bloggers/publishing houses with huge resources to market one blog on digital media,but reality need to be understood and one need to be content by feeling satisfied with ones being busy/occupied in writing thereby reading ,gaining more knowledge for self that may convert into better understanding for ones life,and being lesser concerned with viewership.

Finding remedy has many aspects like analyzing/understanding cause,having better planning and execution with periodic reviews to remain on course and lastly it is many times also important to leave,because as if one gets quite perturbed with a individual/group etc  and it may be beyond ones mean to change course of that malaise.

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