Discard the delusion.

Bondage is perpetuated by ones notion penetrated deep and forming an armor preventing other aspects to cast their rays to stir an honest pondering to realize multiplicity /complexity surrounding the simple explanations.

To venture into battle field of life ,which is fought internal and external.One live in this world apart from living in his own shelf of unique being formed by known/unknown issues and impact .

Discard the delusions and act,because they deter /prevent one to face issues earnestly impacting real life ,confusions all around with false notions leads no where and kills enthusiasm/actions at very beginning.

Illusions are related to be external,caused by senses and in that sense illusions may lead to wrongly anticipating targets /goals/destination which coupled with delusions may cause havoc ,wandering in complete chaos.

A mistaken belief that is held with strong conviction for long can limit human learning and development resulting negative impact on society ,more so when many people gets impacted by such state of understanding and being and cant get rid off  even when superior evidence is presented.

Dysfunctional cognitive functioning may be behind it and it appears quite apparent when people react to most common issues of society/humanity denying general/rational norms ,with their vague/outdated perspective and explanation and cant form united stand against ills of society.

Some people deliberately or in deliberately while treading the complex life journey with task of maintaining high self esteem resort to their fixed analysis and differentiated stances leading to strengthening the crust of delusion in order to preserve positive self view.


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