The Swirling Aria.

The tedious path/journey is to be traversed/trudged along with its usual ups and lows ,a aria of ones individual theme again appears and subdues with its own rhythm to pull back or put steam into ones being.

The opera of life unfolds and continue with its own sense of direction ,as if it is both ways,yet it is eagerness and preparedness of individual to hear and enjoy its recitative theme without assigning much meaning /purpose or weighing it.Yet it is sung in rhythm of ordinary speech with many words/meaning /implication on same tone/note ,orchestra delivering its message in musical declaration ,and it goes on typical continuous playing in front of stage of performance ,as it is all music ,one need to learn to enjoy all sort of music,nothing much is controlled,orchestra is composed by number of instrumentalists ,and resultant music is result of their cohesive or in cohesive delivering ,yet much lies in the moments that also add to the shape ,it is sung out.

 Accompaniments are accompanied through out opera ,when the theme is swinging and it again and again fell into maze of circles and many visible/invisible opening ,and the running long theme could not continuously stick to declaration of overtures and much is lost in loud orchestra ,and music is interpreted differently by different ones.,and usually background music changes its tenor and tone ,yet much lies in beholder to interpret not by ears.

As if at regular happening orchestral overtures are pronounced ,as to denote its supplementary initiative justify deviation and change to pursue newer instruments to better the tone of orchestra ,the dramatic stage to musical opera consist of singing with multiple orchestral accompaniments and overtures.

Rubble is lying all around and converging into newer and newer heaps ,its to be regularly cleansed up to let hear the rabble to find out and rekindle ones aria [theme song]with fresh vigor.

Different choirs performs at different intervals,they have their theme and vision ,sing carol etc at mechanized pace and produced output which is habitual of being produced in different platforms ,yet needs to stick to own theme devised and revised to get again pronounced ones own aria.

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