Dark alleys in Sleeping city.

The tiredness settled deep with ruthless pursuit of accomplishing the mission of passing each and every day with lacking all capacity to view the sunshine/moonlight unadulterated ,all vision got blurred with level of pollution  going so high that finding originality akin to finding Nirvana.

The city pouring on road ,thronging makeshift structures providing eatables ,many finding solace in garden/parks or leisurely floating beneath mighty structures ,tiny vendors selling wares on their handcarts/barrows .Decorated temples relaying colored light with flocked gatherings chanting in choirs with flickering candles /echoing sound of bells.

Petty traders/mighty manipulators counting their collections ,so that all operative systems gets rest/relief ,after all a day has gone ,further passing of coming days vests in aligning with madness surrounding ones spheres [physical or else].With gradually settling more darkness ,spill over of people in every corner alive with rustle/bustle started to fade/lean with flock started to disintegrate toward their dwellings.

The weird night as if under dizziness providing escape with wind alighting room ambiance through pores at window/doors causing/stirring the uneven self to move to somewhat evenness through parts of body started to loose activity allowing free forces of nurtured forces to have field day ,which haunts all days and night with everlasting barrenness and never ending anxiety ,which just need a trigger to endless in and out ,up and down in thoughts and repeated activities viz checking mobile 30-60 seconds ,putting something in mouth every two minutes ,reviewing a tiny happening sometimes back again and again ,yet system drew to alteration with dawn at far end descended window of my room delighting with its presence to room and other occupant of space delving pretension to new break/start with hazy mind in slack body dreaming/visualizing that many evil souls hounding me and i started running ,jumping,hopping neighboring houses as fast as feasible ,yet those demons drawing close and closer then i started flying crossing lanes to reach supposed safety sort of feeling and SLEEP breaks /dream breaks to welcome new day with again some weird sense  of panic around .

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