Garbage flowing all around.

All around garbage,in surrounding and inside that one has no reckoning of state which is bereft of garbage.I attempted to mediate to clear that moats of garbage that has hidden me from me /others.But what is perceivable is that even in some isolated moments which might be gift of venturing into that excursion ,some subtle thankless/useless/baseless thought starts flying,which has no utility quite evidently but attempt to get out of that swamp are counter reacted by deeply dragging in that malice again.

What could accrue from garbage is simply more garbage,as if garbage turn other adjoining matter into their state by transmitting their virus along with natural decay in stagnant matters lying long.

No one has ever been able to solve that enigma of vast flowing thoughts ,which has no head and tail,however i got understanding that to construct constrictive idea lies in implementation,by sitting on table/chair/or trudging barren fields exploring ,but that are things left for incarnating ones without carrying baggage.

At this planet or outer planet in space there is no dearth of garbage,even without its identified creators/generators.As if the basic thing of all entities is garbage and everything generates from this to again submerge in it.

To get somewhat away from clinging garbage is not that easy,it requires regular cleaning and then maintaining that cleansed state further preempting to identify living/non living things or mere thoughts causing staleness that are continuously waging war to penetrate garbage even in some isolated better laces.

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