Losing control .

Establishing control comes after establishing  self,when the drift started simultaneously with gaining consciousness in life,that awareness could not be established that could kindle some stability so that some regularity could establish.

Drifting persistently and finding no fulcrum ,even for a flash,to get that luxury to introspect ,the hounding wolf/dogs from this world and dance of invisible monster of ethereal ,all do not let anything to be unveiled. To get that control which may set in some comfort for being in this universe and losing much by curved drawing/picture ,which most find as their baggage on arrival.

Fierce maneuvering going in to gain control in center of powers,over all that comes in their sight .Developing huge intellectual skills and hardware oriented machines to gain control,deter  others and to weaken other control.

All that is accrued by a generation get devolved to next,treating it as their encumbered to fathers/grandfathers to fulfill that vision ,which had no sight apart from gaining that grip .

Its the individual domain where one gets innumerable command center operating on ,as if tug of war between competing distractions to distract at each other moment .

Who could not immerse in that use to go around here perennially find no takers ,get to be part of that voice or voices which prevail around by virtue of aligning ones tones,tenor,texture according to aria of constantly distancing /rotating all structures with their retinue . Sent with complete evolving structure ,but structures so busy in their structural deficiencies and reparation that it remains hardly any concern of other structures and its left to be taken care by institutions,somewhere with lesser probity institution acts as sole asset of some and prone to all sort of outputs generated by competing elements.

As if everything many thing in fine control burnishing with,yet offensive of counter balancing forces always raising their heads with much subjectivity in everything around.

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