Wistful Feelings.

The isolation has pervaded so long and deep that everything appears to be something else ,the connection with them lost.

Earlier the feeling that was evoked while passing through those lanes now nowhere rekindles and it appears that either i do not know them or those silhouettes do not recognize me.We were strangers with strangeness pervading all around so high that a small sound can shake me so severely and cause sensation in me from top to bottom.Isolation from all reality/drama has widened and separation of self from liking/desires  grown wide  ,so days are going by just procrastinating in my nest.

Those funny whats app groups

tend to create to unite that all linkages  that caused a profound ray at that time of their height about something vague/remote afterlife possibilities as if just evaluating the consequences had been either way.Even those tiny external/internal skirmishes had generated quite heat around me to suck the remaining spirit of wandering on roads without destination,without identity,without purpose .

That what even at its height was mired in vested interest and haunted by surrounding wolfs all around to catch and be associated with its budding state ,so deep passiveness/naivety with perfect quiet storm within self  ,as if that strangeness being my companion since started to walk by my own with sketches of those weird feelings/longings.

Those buildings of association for long ,now no more seems to welcome me ,with that link of authorization given by that phase of time has gone ,those old accomplices have either gone or in phase of moving out and that emptied spaces getting emptier growing ,that debilitating institution sinking to their nadir ,getting irrelevant as quite modern structure spreading rapidly.

Noises coming from those electronic messages from those remnant of passed past that was bound to pass ,since ventured with that sole aim  ,now elicit no sparks anywhere ,rather small different vague all sensations melting from remaining flashes /apertures leading to already smoldering structure gaining pace.

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