Selective Attention/Intention after Retirement.

All is within limits,despite glorifying that infinite ,to deliver and remain occupied one need to select attention with intention .To write a article amidst competing ideas,one has to select one,further gaining more knowledge about that subject/idea has to be given selected attention thereafter arranging in word ,that could only be given selected attention,as time is limited,energy is limited,distractions are unlimited.

Reflecting on our motivations to indulge in useful or needless events can make perception of world much more objective.

As if human brain has limited processing power and if one attempt to scrutinized every tiny objects of sound and sensation and swinging attention between numerous burning issues or lack of decision to pursue particular path and simultaneously giving attention to multiple paths ,creates clutter and freeze system with overload/strain.

Suppose one has retired ,now one has to select areas of attention.Just remaining idle may hurt self in multiple ways,gainfully remaining busy not easy.Further gains are there or not ,one to remain occupied and give his attention a direction to become vivid objectively,creating /percolating relief in individual system of self.One has to choose either to indulge in writing or indulge in trading/investing or join various libraries etc ,all consume huge attention unless one is adept in that field by natural inclination or else ,as writing require attention to harness ideas and to support it by varied reading,then difficult task of choosing words and multiple aspect of of particular topic are introduced in that article.

Human is deeply constrained by household compulsions that takes away great deal of all attention that is available to one,after that one invest remaining major attention in job with dominant aim to survive there,which ensure ones complete attention to stability ,that generates satisfaction to pull off life satisfactory. But that thing disappear after retirement ,after household burden one need a area of vividness to divert remaining space of attention to create that solace in life that is essential in life to generate satisfaction of being in life.

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