Anticipation of consequences.

Consequences are consequent upon being relevant on some domains ,from where activity and counter activity are regularly being generated in prism of moving time.

Time has natural task to take each seed to its fate,either up to fruition or dumping at earlier stages ,yet to conclusively conclude the fate of each seed.

No one can overcome the issue of consequences ,it is agreed that wisdom is about anticipating consequences .Wisdom is about thinking through of thoughts,behavior,actions and observing their relationship to visualize consequences of different options.

Consequences could only be anticipated ,leaving a vast scope for change/variation ,as direction of outcome in future is subject to many probabilities/eventualities.Multiple factors/players all contribute to final consequences.

It is also about remaining open ,aware and vigilant about consequences that may arise,as it is well established that action has a reaction .As in childhood are hidden/overt consequences for young life which may have consequences for old age ,one ascending phase has consequence for another.

As every aspect of human life always remains in state of flux,therefore consequences of different ventures has to be evaluated to arrive at a decision.

Apart from individual domain ,the anticipation of consequences for whole society/nations and organisation is much relevant and cause of concern.The growth,development and creation/distribution of wealth is result of polices duly framed and properly implemented after regular evaluation of consequences.

But usually many times also happen is that anticipation of consequences not done in broader/larger context ,rather one is content to believe that it will serve his individual purpose of remaining in power /preserving his position/diluting opposition /confusing masses,so as to ensure survival of one without much larger concern.


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