Selective with battles.

Life is usually full of battles,yet some chose their battles wisely and many are drowned in battles defending/attacking on multiple fronts.

It is that battles are to be fought selectively and peace is better many time,then indulging in proving/debating ones point ,that may imply that many issues that are not worth battles may be got settled by other means of bargain,haggling,debate,discussions,persuasion etc or just letting go.

One need to have solid bulwark/defense and striking/attacking power ,which should be well known to all around ,as generally more and more battles are thrust on weaker persons ,that way one may get few invitation/provocations for waging/participating in battles.

Battles lost,won or inconclusive cause damage to all participants more or less ,further it consume time,energy and resources ,which result in losing other opportunities thereby multiplying losses.

One to prosper and to gain somewhat happiness need to fight selective battles skillfully ,thereby avoiding collapse and even when battle is not won,much/something is scored.

One of the major battlefield for human is his own volatile conscience and vicious thought process.Just imaginary demons are created by visualizing all sort of hardship thrust upon one since his arrival on this planet and perceiving villains all around involved in abetting hardship.

Further comparison with fellow human with ones perception is usually not much logical in sense that individual always tend to exacerbate ones hardship and imagine excessive smoothness in other lives.

There are all sort of people available on this planet ,many have constant urge in their mind to ruin peace of mind of other persons ,as if that gives them immense pleasure or they succeed in marketing their product of disgruntled surrounding everywhere ,leading to causing disruption in individual and society.

Mission of getting noticed /generating leads is achieved by both means ,either propagating negative or else ,considering what is selling best.Avoiding nuisance is one of best insurances for peace and stability of oneself.

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