Social Structures AND Strictures.

All creatures of two legs or four legs were on same base until a specie of two leg started to form  groups and with remarkable ability /dexterity to regulate virtual many aspect of lives of its member.Quite different to other specie groups  .

What is acceptable and what is not acceptable,what is proper and what not is proper,further invoked divine presence and blessings ,that all reinforced -planning ,coordination and segregation/distribution of tasks ,thereby gaining a perennial structure of going concern.Established itself to take huge reins of natures matters into its grasp and exploring /assigning utility to all organic/inorganic world.

Yet tumult started since inception within these oscillating social structures ,as question were raised about various assumptions /norms and struggle of power to gain authority further  impacted volatility.

With these gated structures ,much/many of individuality was stifled ,with binding/conforming norms took much leeway out of ordinary life ,as if started conforming to those other animal groups,where sole aim is to survive and fulfilling primordial instincts. And all creativity as if got confined in securing the cages.

Social structures institutionalize internal relationship and norms of behavior ,it includes culture,social class,social status ,rules ,define various hierarchical structures within societies and therefore all of these component work together to maintain social order by restricting/limiting/guiding/advising and organizing human behavior.

Societies tend to develop and evolve its unique culture with common language,belief,value,behavior and gesture.Such background assumption/deeply embedded common understanding concerning people and world view shapes the unique identity of social structure ,yet they are not static permanently and may respond to change in culture ,tech,economic condition and societal needs and priorities.

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