Always within Reach-Never within Grasp.

As if always finding/requiring  some intercessor for pleading on behalf of one to grasp something that is well within reach yet lacking that zeal to grasp it finally to get declare  triumphant.

Having all knowledge and skills,yet implementing them to achieve that fruit of satisfaction  ,as if not in many people destiny,like being desperate to live in that desperation that yields continuous state of flux .

As if moon too clearly visible,apparently within reach in those scientific and fictions narrations yet it is only temporarily grasped by eclipse to again float for aspirations to flourish/flounder.

Always to get snug into ones reverie ,when the inner light mold from incandescent to luminescent and letting the surrounding pleased at its pace which gets transition from daydream to night dream and what is to be grasped remains elusive as many things appears in reach and decision by this fragile mind dither here and there,sometimes obsessive to this and sometimes obsessive to that and   letting it exacerbated by that plunge which make them to free float in that delusion ed world where belief /impression is firmly maintained ,despite being contrary to what is generally accepted as reality or rational argument typically symptom of making reachable into non graspable.

Never came so near to grasp that illusion that always swirl around ones perception/senses ,as if being some celestial pursuit within that murky realm of prevalence ,that coordination ,vision of that blurred wisdom prevailed so dense that what was always within reach could hardly be ever grasped.

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