More than Alone – Lonely.

Its a new phenomenon that human being despite among huge crowd feels lonely,what a anomaly,yet much relevant in present modern era.

With more and more people globally living in cities ,around 60 to 70 percent world population may be urban and this urbanization is further catching up in developing countries.Agriculture which was largest employer earlier now accounts for minuscule population engaged in it.

In earlier ,when hardly any metro existed and humanity lived in close proximity to nature ,animals etc and was much subjective to vagaries of multiple forces and human being in that era had as if larger horizon ,rising Sun,setting Sun,that vast ,chirping of birds and abundance time to connect,which has now gone.

In cities all around skyscrapers ,traffic and that little apartment with no separate roof or base to see that distant horizons ,just shuffling between workplace and apartment in dense mist of floating mass.

No time left for much connections ,as if it has become luxury in cities ,which is affordable at huge cost by some mighty wealthy people,rest just engage in passing,sitting behind desk delivering task and return to that ones individual cell,which is bereft of providing any horizons to its resident.

As if now one is too engaged with self and immersed in that tight going ,where the energy gained by one is equal to energy expended by one.And relationship either intimate one or else are burdened with huge cost and in cities the prime concern of individual is to mitigate,keep cost in check and what one cant afford leave it .It is daily ,weekly revenue that pulls that day and week with glimpses of that mighty structures all around.

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