Conflict of interest in Creating-Preserving-Destroying.

Three vital tasks of organic worlds lies within two extreme horizons,that is to create,preserve till destroying,either all three tasks and phrases swarms into contradictions.

What is not there cant be created,a basic theme,a basic vision must be there and it is like that it is just morphing some elements here and there to something that already exists,just a chain of appearances and disappearances with change of tenor/texture again and again until finding suitable ambiance in which can dwell for eternity of that phase.

How something could be wiped out ,its atom,energy etc may not be perishable and they may just either lie dormant for awhile or just scatter around after destruction of a structure,either to wait for re emergence of structure or just get become part in newer structure under developments.

Destruction at somewhere is gradually tend to be balancing  by newer creations/constructions ,cant be judged their magnitude where size /shape of structures become insignificant as compared to their subtler aspect.

Preserving cant be any separate task,what is there is there because it is there awhile and that has sustained and came into existence is there for very that being.Nothing is as if preserved,all changing every moment,only certain needs are to be fulfilled for preserving in that particular state.

Individuality is virtue of individuals ,who may with clash of interest with others elements melts in form/shape and sense like in continuous state of palpitations.

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