Wonder in wondering.

Human since birth wonders at everything,many thing,the vast,varied nature and cant comprehend its origin and gets mystified by its rogue behavior at times.

It establish that either human do not belong to this planet,as if alien,just send for experimentation,exploration etc.Literally one who owns his being/possession is aware of its all dimensions and does not need to create hype to usher out of somber states.

As if cant assimilate in this surrounding,need varied source of impulses to generate bliss for different moments. Wondering as if establish presence of some super authority ,who commands varied forms of vast universal mysteries.

Men while observing natures working technology generated various smaller application for its enjoyment/betterment,which are hardly seen as wonders by generations of this era. Intelligence that commands nature/universe is also being harnessed by humans by adding new technologies to supplement its brain.Humanity is eagerly awaiting emergence of that intelligent man equipped with multiple analytical/comprehension power.

Wonder arises also regularly/habitually between human being about each others nature,habits,reactions,understanding,values etc.When two human in close association for decades finds out at one fine morning that they were not meant for each others.That generates wonder about the differences that could be between human .The  observation of anything by different human generates different understanding as if it means all things in universe could be observe sensitive according to each unique human being radiations.

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