Scarcity Mentality.

Is was permeated in all surroundings that things are too limited in supply,they are to be hoarded ,used on some events and limited invitations /functions around.

The whole generations of our society as if rooted in feeling of scarcity,of resources,opportunities and scarcity of events ,opportunities to express and acute scarcity of certainty ,if one collapse due to natural/unnatural cause no one around to remotely hold hand,no institutions,no governance,no society .

All systems mired in inefficiency,corruption and a stillness all around sounding message that  this state is for eternity,keep deep in doors and flash out when drum beatings signalling their arrival,to cheer them.

As the things were scarce ,concern for quality was too scarce,high was feeling for made in our village ,as if each hamlet adores to be self sufficient in fulfilling needs ,no one for centuries ventured out to produce or consume more and gates for outside pouring were closed for multiple fears and superiority concern even in that sacred scarcity.

Some from different hamlets monitors the task of keeping the flock together by all scarce means,therefore some were branded/identified as not much wanted etc.Scarcity has its own shine in that silence around from early evening to late mornings.

With time despite some pockets of brightness created out of squeezing scarcity further in some pockets,the mentality in those bright spots deeply rooted in scarcity and gather as much   resources as possible for ones posterity/family.Whole society/nation reaction on their deeds ,culpability coming out in open is of dismay,in norms,not much to shake any core,rather after initial much interesting chats in his intelligence all dies in deep memory of all in that periphery .



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