Knowledge of disappointment.

A flower Bloom’s with that up -bright freshness which attracts the attention of all even bland and rugged one who hardly get swayed by any soft feelings as if have no heart which throbs to the weird sensations felt suddenly trapped in the innocence of a flower which as if might so far never got knowledge of disappointment and therefore emitted no reaction to any other feelings apart from wellness/wholeness.

Such a grand perfection permeates in their surrounding that even one who is hard at its core get trapped and all the grooves that carries emotion peculiar to evolved specie from four legs to two feels throbbing at their doors as if fickle wave attempting melodrama at entrance to erase/melt rigidness in channels.

It raises a lot of excitement and weird uncertainty what will be reaction to those tiny particles of uneven sensations reaching to the core of that rugged one ,whether something will melt in it and some grooves gets activated to these new sort of flowing.

Unspoiled flower who got the nature blessing at maximum and never faced a harsh rays of light and to them as if wind always blew near them to entertain that supple being ,further companion in other twigs and surface beneath them exult with so much passionate longing in which that that flower blooms in nicely/severely that one and all gets attracted to that flower and even demons having patched up surfaces wish to get company of that flower to as if alter their core with some other type of all embracing fragrance that which could get still and generate that divine blessing which so far appeared evasive and as if belongs to unearthly beings.

Many things exists in universe ,all are not called by one but many are uncalled thrust ed on one but many does not embrace it and other even embrace it even when it is beyond attempting on them.

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