Focused and unfocused.

A particular state is as if somewhat focused but as soon it is decided to do other necessary chores ,all become unfocused,as if focus is state of doing nothing concrete and just wandering in meditating self without any sort of incursions.
But incursions in innumerable ventures is unavoidable real plight of human in the quest of staying relevant,here fundamental aspect is ignored as one tend to be relevant to fast changing world but becomes lesser relevant to self,here again a fundamental question arises what is human being and where to focus -internal or external,peace lies in outer assortment of valuables and attached outer recognition and self worth .
One who is able to get outer tasks for gainfully remaining engaged for substantial part of day thereby effectively blocking those disturbing tendencies to set in ,. Confusion are generated by wishful pondering on irrelevant matters,imagining reasons where it may be barely co incidence ,trying to analyse that leads to so many meanings that whole focus get lost and is worsens by poor self standing ,where there is no self worth is in self and that is looked upon in other eyes /expression/words.
The privileged ones are as if those who are blocked from terming their state any particular title,and just follow that tradition of living that was sanctified since ones incarnation ,just legalized normalcy is dwelled in such being and where predominantly,vast majority lives in that state .
Focus is unfocused as soon as ones present primary doing gets mired in conscious simultaneous viewing and appraising by self and get mirrored by weak perturbed basic being,until all these states are pushed into a commonality of focus ,no concrete focus could be stabilized and all effort may toward perfect state of unfocused.
What is to be gained from venturing in unending newer and newer traps regularly created by pushing from unconscious to conscious state to venture into act that may be a step that may lead to softening of impulsive push of  moment,t hat has direction from direction less state of perpetual being,who knows/controls action/reaction,some reaction are to visible action,some and major depend on perceived interpretation and many on direction less state of being,where no one and not even oneself could understand/attribute cause /reasoning ,devoid of meaning venturing toward perpetual falling state in miserable being for misery.

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