A country is beyond economy.

There are host of explanation,logics and rationals are propagated to make point,that a country is not merely a economic entity and much beyond significant to it.
It all changes across countries,continent and their vision of founding and furthering leaders.
Some developing countries notably south asian countries etc has made rapid strides in economic development and cultural preservation aspects has taken back seat,as if they are more concerned about the state of human being while it existed on Earth and lesser bothered about its life beyond this flesh.
Certainly it may be worthwhile for some to sing doomsayers song that they again want to relegate to that old order of life devoid of outsiders,they don’t need outsiders and dont want to mingle in outside world.
Who has been at fault,the excellent brains and extraordinary labor of people of other part of world made economy boomed of some developed world but why sentiments spoiled and now as if xenophobia sets in.,it could be much attributed to leadership of these countries and their hubris and wrong decision alone made the whole world ,a lesser safer place.
It may phase of development cycles,in few centuries ago ,the border were not so rigid concept,and in times to come it may again be so,as sanctity to borders is invented by humans,again the development and values may take front seat,like digitalisation has created so much space that it could store any amount of data ,which was not earlier feasible ,and by vertical and horizontal expansion along with better harnessing of natural resources all constraints may appear illusory and tiny expansions and watch towers with differently colored dresses will lose all appeal/relevances.
Majorities has not been a static concept,what appear /called today as majority was not so earlier and it was divided in many sub-groups fighting each other like anything ,but with time they understood similarities and turned to be termed as single large group called majority .
Again such cycle may go on,newer alignment,newer cohesiveness will be seen/invented in that old fragmented groups and old alignment to emerge newer majorities or may be forming of homogeneous group.

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