Artificial Intelligence and human brain.

There are expectations that in few decades AI may become equal or more to human brain.
The machines getting powerful and getting tuned to human psychology in arranging / managing its affairs.
Presently machine has huge processing and producing power,which is unlimited times more to human physical and mental capacity.Vast data of daily business/banking could easily be taken care by machines ,it could be grouped/arranged and rearranged in real times,and THE ANALYSIS PART is also gradually shifting to machines as they are gaining intelligence.
The real challenge would arrive when AI getting to its peak and having capacity similar to human mind to interpret,react and analyse and getting tuned to feel emotions that are human exclusive domain in known universe.
That to say machine having enough capabilities to make decisions on behalf of humans or to say as if such machines also becoming part of humanity ,like sensible and  natural emotions robots replacing human in mental and physical works.
The many POSITIVE AND NEGATIVE sides are debated as well many ethical issues are also in air.
Some  of the biggest issue involved could be –
1.How to ensure control over such machines -when such high AI machines are equally capable and have all senses and emotion may not tantamount to becoming a superior or some another species,so far despite differences in color etc the basic of all human is same molded by its programming,intellect,circumstances and environment,the smart human machine may not go through the pangs of childhood and surrounding ,yet able to visualize all could be equal to creating a sort of creatures who could compete/collaborate and add to human ,such AI machines may ultimately strive to seek INDEPENDENCE as why they may like life of slavery .
Such AI machines may replace the need of friends and provide all company and emotional comfort/discomfort of being associated.
Now the moot question will arise whether such AI machine being may prolong or shorten the day of ultimate destruction.
With multiple powerful authorities having equal intelligence but not equal ,when comparing that this part of human and AI human machine not having equal opportunities,wealth and power compared to other. parts in world ,The fight may become more INTELLIGENT leading to either  elimination of inequalities and creation of homogeneous world ,where differences in even nuances would be identified ,but the cultural part of AI machines may remain different and prompting for seeking identification as separate race ,further human backed and endorsed by AI beings may venture far ahead in the way of achieving/seeking final solutions in the domain where there are or might be no final solutions,let not be fretted with multiple prospects.

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