Wolf and Vampires -Part 4

As if this world is so full of these sacred beings that ordinary person could hardly breathe with comfort in air full of double meaning,back-hitting,self preservation and the indomitable will to dominate other.
Its as if jungle ,a most primitive forest where each step is full of danger,and how many eyes prying on a petty being to snatch and smash his comfort zone.,that comfort becomes most elusive thing.
So high is expenditure /temptation to built a protective wall for the so called kings of jungle that no resources left to take care for other perennially famine ridden forest,As if these forests are divided into many forests accommodating scope of ruthless power to most distinguish being to build a layer of unbreakable security around themselves.
The kings and prominent class of these jungles gets bored and want to expand their reach/fire power to the farthest part of other jungle and without concern that major resources and energies is spent in futile pursuit and common folk of weaker jungles still engulfed in primitive technologies gets no incentive to shift to newer one,rather are encouraged to perpetuate the good old orders.
Jungles are jungles and they are as if bound to remain so in hereditary treasure trove,yet somewhat visible identity of different creatures with different traits. with time the better-off jungle tried to connect all jungles to prepare ground for making a common markets so to dominate it and but now sometimes feeling scare’s that viruses from these backward jungles may cause danger to their forests,it is said that one may harvest only what one has sowed.
Nothing is static ,as time keeps on ticking and time may have tendency to have full circle I.e to reach again to the beginning point of Circle,where gains of many points may melt to reach again at zero,time does not move in only better direction,it decay some structures and vitiate the state of being only to be relished in museum by looking at with tinted glasses finding immense craft and art in it and /but not able to remotely assess the state of ones buried in history living with them.
Negativeness is despicable thing and the lesson of positiveness is used by all elite class for their gains and gaining authority.Rulers.politicians seek to convince about better coming ,as if trying to satiate individual concerns,Businesses tries to excel in stimulating latent demand and then providing with most suitable product to satisfy it,Selling of positivity has become biggest business,yet hardly it gains and penetrate deeper in reliable cellars of preservations and more and more negative present adorning  future  looks much probable to many but certainly getting positivity dividend to some.

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