Meditative State -1

Now a days there is much hype about meditation and lot of people venturing into this mystic expanding turf to facilitate/promise ordinary folk its fruits just stored in few minutes video or just few instalments of reading material claiming panacea for all ills,it appears some times that it is also a sort of trap laid by marketing professional to ensnare  people to become their clients by exploiting their state of being,which has led them to venture to find instant lasting solutions.
Further substantiating claims by referring to some studies watching its impact before attempting for meditation and wonderful gains thereafter and also explaining in scientific  terminology which ordinary people could hardly understand but it appears highly sedative in appearance and compelling one to believe it,like that the waives from particular part of brain got activated that helps one to gain perfect command and stopping disturbing signals from other side of brain,one wonders that if whole disturbing human behaviour puzzle has been solved with such scientific and empirically then why not it could be prescribed in prescription by physician in doses that could be in form of medicine or some therapy in which first by x-ray deficiency /unbalancing of ones brain  waves detected and by another session malignant waives removed and ideal waves etc settled so that individual derive perfect state.
A golden statue of perfect man whose head appears to beaming  /receipting ideal waives , signals and relieving migrating malignant waives therefore proceeding toward perfect harmony have nostalgic impact but also lead to wonder about human immaturity that despite having  such audited established means of excellence why still so large number of distraught public wasting life in real or perceived agony.
Certainly many marketers as now with use of internet and social media to establish ones brand has casted all players in single sort of group are gaining recognition and perceived power so that to atleast settle the player in state of command by commanding due /undue leverage as no mechanism of measuring beneficial impact there in vogue leave field wide open for all.
The more sincere and entrepreneur indulge too deeply by dwelling in cloisters/ashrams or new names in modern terminology like wellness centres get embroiled in practical experience in supervision of new age Gurus having profound mystic achievements to their credit and scientific explanations,only handful of people gets such great chance because ordinary one can’t get out of own confusion and neither can afford such huge costs in term of time and giving bearing associated costs to gain attention of guru ji that one is worthwhile disciple.
Authors also need topics and issues to vent their being and that to relevantly thereby satisfying  their hunger of being relevant  even monetary gains may not be there,

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