The eternal self , Expansion of consciousness [Part-3 ]

Ordinary /general beings are like falling leafs that drifts/flutters and hang in air and then fell on ground and few with expanded senses tries to be likes stars which travels defined path as they are within themselves their guide and path and no wind reaches them to cause nostalgia.
Ordinary people fall in love constantly with different issues/being and get distracted again and again to indulge in newer frontier,yet with expanded senses love is complete within self and surrounding as if no need to search here and there.Life starts flowing directed by art of thinking precisely,wholesomely without any scope of doubt and confusion which percolate virtues of control  and ordinary being appearing alien .
That pride of standing alone without teachers and doctrine and that eager readiness to hear the divine voice within own heart and realizing that Eternal Self that is neither body nor consciousness in which there is nothing as time like river which is at everywhere at same time and that present only exists ,no shadow of past or future. Grasping the eternity of every moment that to melting pain,emotions ,follies  as if everything to be suffered to the end and finally concluded.
As if ones troubles,anxieties and secret hopes flow across to self and return again  paraphrasing into like system of water changing to vapor and rising ,becoming rain and coming down again ,changed anew flowed anew. Ending conflict of desire and being in harmony with streams of event as if surrendering to stream and belonging to the unity of all things.
The eternal wisdom is to be felt unlike knowledge is not much communicable,to be experienced  where illusion and truth ,suffering and salvation becomes meaningless.
As if time is not real merely illusion hinging on the dividing line between this world and eternity morphing into eternal time and thereby visualizing that the world is not imperfect or slow by evolving along a long path to perfection …No it is perfect at every moment. And finally not seeking means to have a  goal but finding means to be free ,to be receptive ,vanquishing all goals.

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