Acute Addiction.

When rot becomes too pervasive and it cant be sifted/disposed-off in proper manner than accumulation of it result into creating defenses in form of addictions ,at one extent it may involve acute lethargy and disposition to self centered non-productive isolation and at other end it may form acute hysteria for some vividness for relief but as if nothing sticks.
Learning to live at every stage is hampered and that lacking robust will alongwith hazy direction with no obvious motivation mars the leadership ability of ones self to lead towards embracing normality that could be compared to natural fragrance of rose ,gets blurred.As if the surface need some extra stimulus to soothe the seething surface so that devising and implementing some rational measures becomes feasible. 
Addiction is said to emerge from brain reward,motivation,memory and its interpretation and other related circuitry further addiction is said to be characterised by inability to rationally abstain,consume and much deterioration in ones control mechanism and resultant mismatching cause and effect systems in brain.
Irrational thinking at core of malice ,which results into maze of poor behavior choices and falling in whirlpool of deteriorating conscious of self and embracing some acute behavior as shield to tamper the heat that has been generated out of poor choices made unawarely by self as the capacity is tapered off, community help in giving solace,recognition and a effort to embrace all into that human society can go a long way to curb such excessive unwarranted excursions.
Addiction may arise from an unconscious refusal to face and move through ones pain ,as if every addiction starts with pain and ends with pain ,one may be addicted to alcohol,food,legal or illegal drugs ,or a person etc as if one is using something or somebody to cover up pain. 

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