Venturing into field.

The happening happens in orderly or disorderly manner,they have great significance for individuals,things happens and cast their impact/shadow ,an era ends and another era starts ,and some finds difficult to embrace ,neither the satisfaction of performing in earlier era nor the courage to immerse in present era.
Happenings are to happen ,the players/participants willing or unwilling to face happening,players could be categorized broadly in three categories based on their approach to handle. 
1.Players who make it happen.
2.Players who watch it happen.
3.Players who wonders ,what happened.
It depends upon ones approach to life,ones beliefs,ones perception and dispositions,a brave enthusiastic ,pragmatic and dynamic one indulge in completing the task and to make things happens with positive approach toward issues/life.One understand that path may be long and many times hurdles/failures to be faced but persistence with zeal and acumen will make happen and attain success.
Than some people are watchers and with somewhat with some dubious mentality ,they analyse things too deeply to find hazards and risks and lacks in courage ,hold their breath and watch other attempting and try to jump bandwagon when success seems highly probable with fewer costs/stake,easy approach may not lead to higher self confidence/satisfactions and results.
Than there are utterly negative peoples ,who does not believe much in positive side and always predict doom and feel highly astonished when something concrete happens . 

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