Many leaders in good times, needs controlling of orgn.

When the going is good ,many grab mantle of leadership,as there is inherent tendency among humans to vie for gaining recognition and authority.
But such multiple leadership is hardly useful to organisation,as it becomes  personal tug of war to claim the good times.
Multiple leaders have no much individual vision even about implementing organ vision,goals and objectives.
In that sense organ has to watch and moderate different emerging leaders,and the ones who are not in organ interest should be asked to desist from their activities.
Here emerge the basic question whether organ should sponsor and recognise leaders so that desired results are achieved,certainly organ are not alike political sphere,where it is free for all to grab power and all attempts could be made justified in pursuit of power.
Evolving of societies is much more complex and long drawn process with pulls and pressure of past and vision needed for future and to tackle masses,which is not in any way homogeneous group,but organ is different thing,usually they are formed to perform some particular business and to generate return for its stakeholders.
Its more important that participation of all rank and file of organ in generating ideas and cohesiveness in its activities/efforts is ensured.Rather then promoting multiple leaders attempting to drag in different directions.
An organisation is subsystem of larger system that could be society to which it contributes its share,and if that way innumerable organ contributes their parts,the society and it’s political leaders gets that necessary leeway to pull nation on path of sustainable growth.

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