Leadership is also about venturing communications.

Ability to lead is also inherent in willingness to lead,to rise from ones shell and to communicate,to feel responsible,to hear and react and lead in forming solutions/alternatives,to infuse a sense of command,belonging and thereby providing a  sense of security and motivating colleagues to perform and not merely remain perplexed and confused,its to promote decision making,inculcating organisation philosophy and theme.
The channels of communications are broken,and its great misery that humans are limited in understanding self and others ,its complex just not like a machine,where fault could be detected in its physical parts.
Venturing into communication and propelling others to genuinely participate and to generate ground of participation is task of leaders,the things were going on this way for long and as if all are merely indulging in game of self survival and past patterns of poor leadership,things have changed in present times,earlier capital was too scarce and entering into business was mired was various obstructions,therefore all form of leadership could succeed in such monopolistic situations .
The expectation/alternatives with consumers had risen and competition has increased leading to need of rejuvenating all hierarchies of organisations. 
A image is prevalent about particular state of affair ,about particular employees and helplessness thereby necessitating to venture into communication to dispel wrong notions and to generate optimism by involving all to participate and share and to dismantle blocks.
Basis of entrepreneurship is also about exploring an idea through communication and testing its potential ,and to get it understood by various stakeholders .
An organisations policies/values could be interpreted and implemented differently by its different commanders and soldiers ,its leaders ability to venture into communication and generate a humongous culture and spirit across its verticals and geographies etc.


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