Wolf and Vampires.

As if after a great embarrassment in some higher spheres of existence ,not generally visible to eyes,there was great panic and their surrounding [ambience]full of all sort uneasiness ,so that their authority decided to push some evil of wolf and vampire class to Earth,regardless of consideration that how it may impact the lives of ordinary human,upon whom they may prevail.
Anil was borne to a couple who belonged to rural background,had migrated to city,Mohan the father belonged to a large family where 3-4 generation brotherhood was yet prevalent residing in common haveli ,Anil grand father/grandmother died at early age and his father Mohan studied with vague patronage of some family members and relative while also disposing some valuable inherited by Mohan,and went to higher school at nearby town and then to state capital to study medicine and got scholarships etc.
Anil father was married to some village lady and they settled in state capital after
completing studies and getting job in govt hospital,their first son Anil was born with some coloring trouble and his skin was not like other indians and eye side trouble but much was not considered by his family and was pampered a bit for few years.
Anil found himself a bit slow since inception,reacting ,understanding many meanings was not much as if natural habit or else,anil remembers that vision in his eye side was much better initially when he could see black board from much distance in class,but while graduating to class 3-4 standard even from first bench in class what was written on board was not visible,as if first impediment was fully /perfectly established by werewolf.
Anil was just able to attain the age of 8-10 years that all hell went losses,all wolfs and empires started exercising their full throttle,Anil was succeeded by two younger brothers in succession of 2-2 years ,Anil father got involved in deep extra-martial affairs and domestic fight becomes a regular permanent affair and Anil immediate younger brother sharpened his skills of wolf by regularly irritating Anil on all matters,like -papa is doing this and that,papa will give house to his other family and wolfly got obsessed to Anil,and Anil just tried to convince him to not unduly indulge in matters beyond control and make effort to study and rise to stature to self prepare big house. 
The depression gained its seed since childhood to Anil ,he could not play with neighbours friend ,even cant recognize faces of neighborhood child playing,cant recognize faces of neighborhood uncles and antis ,thereby become lonely,isolated and Anil used to wait late in night with fear return of his father after being free from his other family.
baba the younger brother the biggest wolf used to get severe internal manic fevers and he in such state used to get behind Anil with worst uttering,shouting and fighting and in general also used to sing song Anil ba hari batia gayeegya gari meant that useless Anil who does nothing and only ate food,what was trouble with baba and Anil was just two years big with disability which has confined him to home ,no much interaction here and there,how Anil could tame their father to leave his other family.
As if that these isolation were not enough baba became the right hand of mother gaining her confidence since childhood by perpetuating the feasibility of Anil as independent boy/man capable of doing independent things,for wolf it was one part,but baba always avoided direct confrontation with father and always kept on inciting ANIL  and relieving his frustration.
Anil despite all this hardly recognize the wolfs,vampire and werewolf tried his part for family and Anil further went into deep cycle of depression  in college at graduation ,he cant took science stream ,and lost his confidence in examination badly but no wolf ,vampire could understand anything,just one friend of Anil allowed him to stay at his home for exams and their family somewhat consoling.
The wolfs gained admission in medicine and engg ,Anil got admission to post graduate and completing it applied for some some govt job,ANIL asked his father what eye side to mention at time of joining his father said write full eye side otherwise job would not be feasible,the wolves and vampires were always active and despite Anil having offer of teaching ,the field most suitable to him due to eye side or nature was not allowed and thrown in another hell to defend self from all round wolfs.
Anil slow in understanding ,reacting the dubious design was regularly haunted by wolves and the biggest tragedy with these wolves,vampires and werewolf was that despite all out effort and barking,creating all sort of their play ANIL was somewhat able to pull on,which cant be cherished by them,regularly attempting to bite that quiet ,lonely ANIL.

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